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Are you looking for some tips on how to make your cat love you? When we bring a cat into our home, everything is unknown to them, even you.

As a cat owner, it’s your responsibility to gain her love and trust and it’s not such a hard task. Although cats are considered to be very mysterious creatures, it is very easy to gain their love if you know how to do it the right way.

In this article, We have mentioned some great tips to help you understand how to make your cat love and trust you:


Play With Your Cat:

Like humans, every animal likes to play and it’s a great way to make a bond with them. Playing is also a nice opportunity to get proper exercise as well as mental stimulation. Lack of stimulation, a cat can feel very annoyed and this is one of the reasons for their various behavioral issues. Through playing, you will be able to freshen their mind as well as gain their trust and love gradually.

Cats usually like some interactive games such as wand-style toys with strings and feathers, ball-and-track toys, puzzle feeders which stimulate them. They also like catnip toys. In addition, you can leave the toys in front of them in the shape of a rodent or a bird and give them a chance to let them guard down. By playing, you can spend quality time with your feline, and it will strengthen your bond day by day.


Socialization is very essential for cats so that they can adapt to the outdoors and adapt to all situations by overcoming their inner fears. The ideal age for their socialization is between 2-9 weeks of age.

You can take your cat for a walk in your local area every day for some time. Then she can get an opportunity to introduce outdoor environments and both of you can have a great time with each other. If your kitty is well-socialized, she will adore your attention.

Don’t Punish:

As human beings, we like to follow rules and regulations. So, we want to discipline the unwanted behavior of our cats. But cats cannot learn anything from being bound by discipline and rules. These are ways some people might be punishing their cat without even knowing it:

  • Talk to them screaming or threatening
  • Strike them
  • Spraying them with water

These types of punishments create fear and distrust in your cat’s mind towards you. As a result of punishing your kitty, she runs away and hides until everything is fine. If you treat her badly or punish her, she will be afraid to come to you and will never be easy with you.

If your cat makes a mistake, tell him quietly and try to explain well. Never strike her at any reason. When you talk with her calmly, she will listen to you. This will make her respect you and she will love you gradually.

How To Make Your Cat Love You
How To Make Your Cat Love & Trust You

It’s important to understand their body language and vocalization:

Cats have some of their own body language through which they communicate with others and express their feelings. If you understand your kitty’s body language and vocalization, it will be easy for you to gain her affection. Some of their body languages are:

  • When your cat nudges you, that means she wants to play with you.
  • When she coils her tail around you, that means she is expressing satisfaction. 
  • Combined with the arched back, straight hair on the spine, and unsheathed claws mean your kitty is feeling threatened.
  • When your cat’s tail is stiff below or between its legs that means she feels insecure.
  • When your cat rolls over and exposes its belly, it’s an indication of greeting and trust.
  • The ways cats respond positively: purring, blinking, kneading their paws. Doing these things means they are expressing their satisfaction.
  • The ways cats respond negatively: hissing, swatting, growling, swishing their tail. Doing these things means they are telling you to move away. This happens when you pet their tail area, and they do not like it. So, it’s important to understand their vocalization.

Always refrain from doing things that upset them. 

Give Your Cat a Treat:

One of the best ways to gain your cat’s love is to give her a yummy treat. Like humans, cats also love to eat, and when you give your cat her favorite food, she will be very happy. You can also use treats to reinforce her positive behaviors. It helps to improve her confidence level.

Not all cats have the same taste buds so you will have to find what treat will work for your cat.  However,  there are some treats that every cat usually loves such as cooked chicken breast, small tuna flakes, a nugget of stinky cheese, etc. Feed him occasionally with your own hands. This will increase her love for you. But don’t give him any raw food or unhealthy food as a treat because these can hamper her health.

Protect Them From Danger:

When you bring a cat into your home, it’s your duty to give her 100% security. Since they are not aware of their danger, they can be in danger at any moment.

In particular, when you go out with your cat, it is more likely to be in danger like she may be prey to other animals, the conduct of strangers may make her feel tense, she may consume some toxic things, and also have vehicle hazards.

When you protect her from these dangers, she will feel safe and start depending on you. Soon, they will gain trust in you and come to you for safety. 

Grooming Them Properly:

Cats usually like grooming because they are very clean animals, and they spend most of the time grooming themselves. Through grooming, you can easily make a place in your kitty’s mind. The ways you can groom her:

  • Brush and clip her fur
  • Bathe her 
  • Always check her skin problems
  • Kill fleas and remove visible ticks from her body.
  • Monitor his ears and trim her nails
  • Do her health check-up

Showing Affection:

The most important thing to get your cat’s love is to show her how much you love her by taking good care of her.  Here are some ways how to show affection towards your kitty:

  • Always try to be close to her and talk to her as long as you are with her. This will create a very nice interaction between both of you and she will be able to be free with you.
  • Play her favorite game with her every day for some time. This will make her happy.
  • Always take care and spend time with her. Feed and groom her properly.
  • Your cat might like to sleep with you. Share the bed with her if possible and it will strengthen your bond.

Give Them Space and Privacy:

Your cat needs a personal space where she will feel safe and spend some time alone by herself. First, choose a space (like a corner of your living room) for her and make her bed with a blanket and some toys.

You can also provide food, water dish, cat tree, scratching post, litter box in her comfort area. Then she will feel fully secure and be very happy. Don’t interfere in her space anytime and also keep an eye to make sure no one in your family bothers her. 

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Spend Some Quality Time:

Cats love to spend time with their owners. By spending some quality of time with your kitty, your relationship will be sweeter. To spend time, you can take her on a trip which fresh both of your minds. Playing is also a great way to spend time and you can give her lots of fun and entertainment.

Don’t Leave Them Alone for Too Long:

Though cats are solitary and super independent, they don’t like to spend most of the time alone. Loneliness causes anxiety in them.

So, you should not leave your cat alone for too long. If you need to be gone for an extended amount of time, try to think of alternative ways to keep your cat company-such as you can bring another feline to accompany her if she likes (some cats don’t like another cat’s company), or you can buy her lots of toys to keep busy herself.

But she likes your presence the most. So, the best way is, you have to create a schedule that allows you to spend more time indoors with your beloved cat.

Be Patient, Respectful, and Gentle:

If you think that your cat will love you as soon as you get acquainted with her, it’s totally your misconception. You have to keep patient and try to gain her affection gradually.

Never do anything against their will. Respect their movements, behaviors, and opinions. Don’t talk to them loudly if they do any mischief. Always be gentle and be calm towards them. In this, they will gradually open up to you and respect you.


How do I get my cat to cuddle with me?

Cats usually don’t like to cuddle. It’s not good to force your cat to cuddle with you. This can have a negative effect on your cat and she may move away from you. Keep patient and try to understand what she likes or dislikes.

Wait for her to come to you. When she comes to you, train her the behavior calmly or through fun and arrange some treats or rewards. When she behaves positively, give her a treat or reward so that her learning confidence will increase. Then, she may agree to cuddle with you.

How do you tell your cat you love them?

There are some incredible ways to tell your cat you love her such as take care of her properly, imitate her voice, let her rub on you, slow eye blink at her, play with her, grooming her every day, give her treats, respect their space, etc. By these actions, your cat will realize how much you love her.

Do cats feel love when you kiss them?

It depends on your cat. If your cat was socialized as a kitten to be held and kissed, then she feels love when you kiss her. Cats have their own body language which you can understand by what they do when you kiss them.

While kissing your cat, if she leans in, purrs, and rubs her head on you, that means she feels love. But if she lowers her ears, hisses, or swats at you, moves away from you, that means she feels the reluctance.

How can I tell if my cat hates me?

If your cat is uncomfortable around you or really hate you then they do certain behaviors:

  • Their tails are horizontal and this is not a good sign.
  • They want to hide from you.
  • They frequently bite you
  • They move away from you.
  • They hiss at you

Do cats know when I am sad?

Yes, cats know when you are sad. Though many owners think that cats do not have enough sense to understand their sadness because cats are aloof. Cats can understand our facial expressions and they behave differently when we are happy or when we are sad.

Do Cats think I’m their mom?

No, cats don’t think of you as their birth mother and they know that you are a very close person but not their mother. However, they love and respect you as their mother. They also realize that you are the only person who always keeps them happy.

How can I get my cat to bond with me?

When a cat feels secure and gets comfortable with you she is more likely to bond with you. Give your feline friend a personal space where she feels comfortable and make her bed with some things like a blanket, toys, food, water, and litter box.

Protect her from all danger and find out what things scare her.  

How do you tell if your cat is bonded with you?

When your cat is bonded with you, she will show some certain behaviors such as:

  • Your cat headbutts you out of adoration
  • Her tail is always jerking at the tip or curled around your leg
  • She shows you her belly
  • Your feline brings you “gifts.”
  • She gurgles all the time
  • She will purr.

How do you gain a cat’s trust?

To gain your cat’s trust, you have to know the right way and it’s not so hard. Respect their space and opinion and always take care of her. Protect her from danger and give her a safe environment. Talk to her quietly, never shout at her. Then your cat will love and trust you very quickly.

How long does it take for a cat to bond with you?

It depends on how you treat your kitty. If you properly take care of her, give love and adoration, it takes days or weeks to build a strong bond with your cat. It will take a few weeks (3-7 weeks) for a cat to make a good bond with you.

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